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Since our inception in September of 1987, Legal-Ease Enterprises has been family owned and operated.

Legal-Ease was founded by two Morrin brothers, an attorney and an electronic manufacturing manager, when a temporary rule allowed service of process to be completed by a competent adult. Legal Ease Enterprises helped form P.A.P.P.S, Philadelphia Association of Professional Process Servers which lobbied to keep the rule permanent and organize service of process in a professional manner.


Legal-Ease is now run by Ron Benzenhafer and his daughter Joselynn Cook, who both started working for the company as teenagers. They hope to continue the family legacy by providing unmatched customer service and care, treating clients as if they are a part of the family. 

Ron Benzenhafer
Joselynn Cook

Ron has been working for Legal-Ease since age 18. Ron has advanced from courier all the way up to President of Legal-Ease and Partner with Joselynn. He has obtained endless knowledge and lifelong relationships within the industry.

In his free time you can find Ron golfing, supporting Philly's local sports teams, and spending time with his family. 

Technically, Joselynn has been working for Legal-Ease since age 5 when she began stamping envelopes! She began full-time in high school at age 17 and has grown to become Vice President of Legal-Ease and Partner with Ron. 

In her free time she enjoys reading and adventuring with her husband and son. 

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